Where to stay in Medellín

From the feedback that we have received from numerous travelers, the Poblado area has definitely been considered the # 1 area to stay in Medellín.  This is mainly because of safety, great restaurants, bars and night clubs, good shopping plus you will find many of these places within walking distance if staying close to the Provenza / Parque Lleras area or near Avenida El Poblado – Milla de Oro (Golden Mile).

For some expats on a tight budget, they will find many reasons to justify that they live in a “better value” area such as Laureles, Estadio or some parts of Envigado or Sabaneta but if you´re just planning on staying for a few days, you will definitely have a better experience staying in El Poblado.  However, we encourage you to visit and explore all the different scenes that Medellín has to offer, the different Comunas that are easily accessible on the Metro, the Plaza Minorista, El Centro and alike.
Some people might think that it will cost you more to stay in El Poblado but the truth is that there are many small to medium sized hotels in El Poblado that cost less than others in Laureles or Estadio neighborhoods for example, offering you a much greater value plus you won´t have to spend that long moving around the city.