Cerro Bravo Hike out of Medellín (or Cerro Tusa)

Cerro Bravo hiking adventure, departing from Medellín Details

If you’re visiting Medellín and would like to go on a full-day hiking tour, look no further than booking our tour to Cerro Bravo or to Cerro Tusa.  Either one of these hikes are one of our toughest hikes of the Colombian Andes mountains that take place not too far from Medellín. After arrival at the base of the hills, the hikes usually take from 9 am till around 1 or 2 pm. However, the breathtaking views along the way and at the peak of Cerro Bravo or Cerro Tusa will make the effort completely worth it.

Itinerary info


With pick-up at 6:00 am at your hotel in Medellín and after a 1.5-hour drive southwest including a stop for a traditional breakfast, we will arrive in the town of Fredonia or Venecia and get ready for our climb.
The starting point is just under ten minutes away by car where after some stretching, we will begin our hike of this majestic mountain which was an active volcano around six hundred thousand years ago.


After leaving behind a couple of cattle ranches, our hike will take us through an 800-year-old indigenous trail into a cloud forest embellished by endemic species of flora and fauna and crystal-clear water sources that descend from the mountain.


Upon reaching the summit, weather permitting, we will enjoy a privileged view from the highest peak of the region’s landscape. The highlights of this jaw-dropping vista are the amazing natural pyramid of Cerro Tusa and the small town of Venice on one side and on the opposite side, the town of Fredonia, and the meanders of the Cauca river with citrus orchards in the lowest parts of the valley and coffee plantations in the highest.


Lunch, which will also take place while at the top of the mountain will include traditional paisa food wrapped in a plantain leaf followed by fresh Colombian coffee.
After a brief yet well-deserved rest, we will start our descent along the same path until we reach the starting point, get back to the car and return to Medellín.


Your fluent English-speaking guide will share his interesting insight about the surrounding forest and local culture, will gladly adjust the speed and intensity of the activity according to your personal condition, and will provide the necessary safety and risk control recommendations.

Cerro Bravo Hike out of Medellín Includes:

Approximate duration:

8-9 hours

Fitness level:

Intermediate – High

Usual pick-up time:

6:30 a.m

What to bring:

2-strap backpack, breathable t-shirt, long trousers, comfortable shoes with good grip, a change of clothes, if possible, including an extra pair of shoes, waterproof jacket, small umbrella (optional), hat or cap, sun-block, insect repellent, medications and prescription (if applicable), face masks (preferably both cloth and disposable), antibacterial gel or alcohol, personal identification document, water (recommended 2.5 L), personal silverware (optional, to avoid the use of disposable silverware), fruits and snacks, cash, waste bag.

Additional information Cerro Bravo Hike out of Medellín

Cerro Bravo Hike Specs:


  • - 1 person (All Ages): $179 USD
  • - Group of 2 People (All Ages): $109 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 3 People (All Ages): $85 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 4-9 People (All Ages): $75 USD

    Price per person

We can also take payment in cash in Colombian pesos COP at the official exchange rate on the day of the tour.

As of July 2024, 1$ USD = $4,000 COP approx.

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