Express Coffee Tour Medellín

The most informative Medellín half-day coffee tour

For those who have limited time but would still like to visit a Colombian coffee farm and learn about the different processes involved, LandVenture Travel offers an express coffee tour right on the city outskirts and is proud to be the first tour operator to offer this tour in Medellín.

This half-day excursion will take you into the hills overlooking Medellin where you will learn about the entire coffee cultivation process from planting to germination, picking, de-pulping, washing, and drying. However, depending on the time of the year and time of the day, not all processes will be available to see while we’re there since they have strict schedules to follow to ensure the highest possible quality.

At the end of this coffee tour, we will enjoy a cup of the world´s finest coffee straight from its source and then travel to a beautiful overlook to take in the views of the city below us.

Express Coffee Tour Includes:

Approximate duration:

2-3 hours.

Fitness level:


Usual pick-up time:

9:15 am (may change according to
the coffee tour host/owner)

What to bring:

Wearing shorts and flip-flops for this tour is not recommended. Please bring a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent, and wear comfortable shoes even though it requires minimal walking.


  • - 1 person (All Ages): $189 USD
  • - Group of 2 People (All Ages): $115 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 3 People (All Ages): $79 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 4-9 People (All Ages): $69 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 10-14 People (All Ages): $64 USD

    Price per person

As of June 2024, 1$ USD = $4,145 COP approx.


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*Please note that while the entire coffee harvesting process will be described in detail, the coffee farm itself does not mill and roast the coffee on-site. The de-pulping, washing, and drying processes take place on-site depending on the season and availability of the coffee crop.

Talk to us

For last minute requests to this Express Coffee Tour Medellín, more ways to customize and combine this experience with other tours out of Medellín, please send us a text message through WhatsApp or email us and let us know which dates would work for you, how many more people are traveling with you and where would you like to be picked up.

We will try to answer you within 24 hours of receiving your message.