Medellín City Tour + Comuna 13 Tour

Medellín City Tour Details

Our 5-6-hour Medellín City Tour will show you both sides of Medellín (the good and the improving). This private tour gives you the convenience of traveling both in a private vehicle and in our Metro system, so you get to see not just downtown Medellín but other sites that will give you a broader perspective of the city. We’re proud to offer a thorough tour of Medellín with a local guide that highlights the ongoing social advances and innovative nature of the city and its people.


Medellín City Tour Highlights

Among the Medellín City Tour highlights are Comuna 13 or Comuna 3 (one or the other), the Metro’s cable car, Plaza Botero, Parque de Inflexión, the Botanical Garden, and the Poblado area.  However, we will be glad to be flexible, accommodate personal requests, and visit other sites such as the Plaza Minorista, one of Medellin’s most interesting produce markets. 

Additional charges may apply depending on the itinerary changes for the tour.

Metro Cable

Pueblito Paisa

Plaza Botero

Parque de los Pies Descalzos

Botanical Garden


Medellín City Tour Includes:

Approximate duration:

6-7 hours

Fitness level:


Usual pick-up time:

8:00 a.m

What to bring:

sunscreen, hat, sunglasses. We recommend not wearing fancy watches and jewelry.


  • - 1 person (All Ages): $189 USD
  • - Group of 2 People (All Ages): $109 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 3 People (All Ages): $75 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 4-9 People (All Ages): $69 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 10-14 People (All Ages): $64 USD

    Price per person

As of June 2024, 1$ USD = $4,148 COP approx.

Medellín City Tour Description:

Explore the beauty of Medellín with our splendid Medellín City Tour, the place was once known as one of the world’s most dangerous cities, but much has changed since those dark days in the 1990s, and it has recently become a hugely popular tourist destination.


Medellín is situated in a bowl in the Andes Mountains, which means that no matter where you go while on the Medellín City Tour, you will be treated to views of mountains and breathtaking scenery. 

Diversified City Tour:

The Medellín City Tour will give you the chance to stroll around the Botanical Garden and enjoy the city’s many beautiful parks and gardens. 


Medellín is not only an inventive urban landscape, but it’s also home to some magnificent nature. You might also like to explore the local food in Medellín, where there are some excellent restaurants and cafés to choose from, all of which serve delectable local cuisine.

"Please note that we do not offer a Pablo Escobar tour or anything related to one of the worst criminals in Colombia's history, with the exception of visiting the Memorial Park which honors the victims and not the perpetrator, as we prefer to focus on the positive present than on a painful past".

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