Jardín Coffee Región Tour out of Medellín

Jardín, "the most beautiful town in the Antioquia Region..."

Jardín, an authentic coffee town set among the Western Andes, agricultural landscape, and beautiful waterfalls is for many, the most beautiful town in the Antioquia region. This Colombian Coffee region tour departs from Medellín and will take you through breathtaking scenery, through the quaint town of Jardín, and to a small coffee farm up in the mountains with a jaw-dropping view of the valley below.


At this farm, you will learn about what is involved in producing great quality Colombian coffee, from choosing the best seedlings to enjoying a great cup of coffee. Meeting real farmers, visiting the beautiful town of Jardín, zipping lots of great coffee and having a traditional lunch in the hills outside of town are among the highlights of this tour.


An open jeep ride or horseback riding (both at additional cost) can be added as optional activities. If you’re not so much into horseback riding, we can spend more time enjoying the town or the scenery and being more thorough with the coffee subject.

Jardín Coffee Region Tour Includes:

Approximate duration:

10-12 hours.

Fitness level:

Medium - High

Usual pick-up time:

6:00 a.m if doing any of the horse rides, or 6:30 a.m if riding on the Willys Jeep through scenic road to Jardín’s surrounding areas.

Usual return time:

Between 3:30 p.m - 4:30 p.m

What to bring:

Long trousers (not loose fit), long sleeve, hat, sun-screen, closed-in shoes, rain-jacket, insect repellent, and sunglasses.

Additional information Jardín Coffee Region Tour


  • - 1 person (All Ages): $269 USD
  • - Group of 2 People (All Ages): $159 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 3 People (All Ages): $109 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 4-9 People (All Ages): $99 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 10-14 People (All Ages): $94 USD

    Price per person

*Additional charges may apply for pick-ups or drop-offs outside the Poblado area.

As of May 2024, 1$ USD = $3,894 COP approx.


Willys Jeep scenic ride:

Hike to Splendor Cave Waterfall:

Horseback ride through the countryside to a coffee farm:

Horseback Ride to Waterfall Chorro Blanco:


Visit to a sugar cane mill:

Overnight option:

Recommendations for a Safe and more Enjoyable Horse Ride

  • Follow every single recommendation and direction given by the guide and the horse expert.
  • Stirrup length should feel about 2 inches shorter than when the leg is completely stretched.
  • Wear your helmet at all times while on the horse and properly buckled with the chinstrap.
  • Hold the reins at all times and keep your feet in the stirrups at all times. No more than 1/4 of your shoe should go in the stirrup.
  • Do not hold onto the saddle with your hands, since this will make you have less control of the horse.
  • The control of the horse should be done with the reins.
  • Do not make sudden pulls of the reins. Pull them slowly but with strength.
  • Keep a short grip on the reins, with your hands closer to the mane of the horse when in need of more control.


  • While going at walking pace, you may hold the reins with more slack, but as soon as you start picking up speed, make sure you get a grip closer to the horse’s neck.
  • While galloping, try embracing the horse with your legs.
  • Never get ahead of the guide or the horse expert without their consent.
  • Do not try galloping if you don’t feel confident enough or if you don’t have previous experience.
  • When going downhill, do not go faster than walking speed.
  • Do not hit your horse except gently with your heels to make it go faster.
  • Do not carry any glass bottles or containers.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during the ride.

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