Concordia Medellín Coffee Tour

Concordia Medellín Coffee Tour

This Medellín coffee tour to the town of Concordia is for those interested in enjoying the most magnificent coffee scenery and learning about the details of the coffee process from coffee berries to parchment coffee and from green coffee to roasted coffee beans. 

Please note that this is a LandVenture Travel exclusive tour since no other tour company is authorized to visit this coffee farm.  In other words, the scenery and experience you will encounter during the Medellín coffee tour are not offered by any other coffee tour that departs from Medellín.

Itinerary info


The town of Concordia is a town in northwestern Colombia’s coffee region with an extraordinary landscape and is easily accessible from Medellín. On the 2.5-hour drive through the Central Andes mountains to Concordia, our Medellín coffee tour will take us on a scenic road to our first destination, a large coffee plantation with panoramic views of the surrounding farms, the magnificent cordilleras, and the Cauca River.


We will have the opportunity to visit the coffee plantation and drive by thousands of coffee plants, as we make our way to a panoramic view that overlooks the entire valley and farm below. You will also have the opportunity to buy freshly roasted, export-quality coffee straight from the source, in the form of beans, or ground, with no middlemen affecting the price.


During this unique Medellín coffee tour, you will learn all the steps involved in growing, harvesting, and processing a coffee bean and see first-hand what it takes to transform ripe coffee cherries into the finest cups of coffee in the world. This will certainly give you a deeper perspective on why Colombian coffee competes with the best coffees in the world, such as Kona Coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, and Kopi Luwak.


Depending on the tour schedule, we may have a traditional lunch at a nearby farm or at a restaurant near the Cauca River, either on the way back to Medellín or before visiting the farm.  During lunch, we will share our insight in helping you find the best coffee in Medellin.


At the end of this coffee farm tour, you will have learned about what goes into the cultivation of Colombia’s most important agricultural product, and we guarantee that after this experience, you will savor your morning cup of coffee a little more and appreciate the farmer’s admirable efforts in making it happen.

Concordia Medellín Coffee Tour Includes:

Approximate duration:

8-9 hours

Fitness level:


Usual pick-up time:

7:00 a.m

Usual return time:

Between 3:30 p.m - 4:30 p.m

What to bring:

Sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, a hat, and comfortable shoes with good traction even though it requires minimal walking. Wearing shorts and flip-flops for this tour is not recommended.


  • - 1 person (All Ages): $225 USD
  • - Group of 2 People (All Ages): $125 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 3 People (All Ages): $85 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 4-9 People (All Ages): $75 USD

    Price per person

  • - Group of 10-14 People (All Ages): $69 USD

    Price per person

We do travel with just 1–2 passengers. However, the minimum price for this tour is US$225 if there is only one person on the tour.

We can also take payment in cash in Colombian pesos COP at the official exchange rate on the day of the tour.

As of July 2024, 1$ USD = $3,999 COP approx.


2-hour plus horseback ride around nearby cattle ranch.

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