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If you’re in Medellín and looking for an authentic Medellín horseback riding tour around a cattle ranch with beautiful scenery of the Colombian Andes mountains, then this is the right tour for you.

If you are visiting MedellĂ­n and looking for an extreme adventure that includes jaw-dropping scenery, a boat ride, bird-watching, & trail riding adventure tour then look no further than booking this tour. Boat ride along Cauca River heading north towards nature reserve.

If you’re visiting Medellín and would like to go on a full-day hiking tour, look no further than booking our tour to Cerro Bravo Hike. This is one of our toughest hikes of the Colombian Andes mountains that take place not too far from Medellín.

Río Claro is a beautiful river located 3 hours southeast of Medellín where white-water rafting and cave trekking are among the visitors’ most popular activities.

The marble canyon and crystal clear water (weather permitting) provide the perfect backdrop for an adventurous

Why miss out on beautiful landscapes when LandVenture Travel can take you through the most scenic route between Medellin and Guatapé? During this Medellín Guatapé Tour, we will take you there but without missing out on driving through one of the most exclusive areas of MedellinŽs eastern suburbs. 

Unique and fun horseback riding tour around cattle ranch leaving from MedellĂ­n.

If you’re in Medellín and looking for an authentic Medellín horseback riding tour around a cattle ranch with beautiful scenery of the Colombian Andes mountains, then this is the right tour for you.

If you’re a nature lover and wondering about things to do while in Medellín, this half-day waterfall hiking tour to Las Campanas Waterfall, right on the outskirts of Medellín, will be a perfect fit. This is a moderate hike that can be customized to a longer, yet tougher hike upon request.

If you’re interested in enjoying nature while riding a bike, this mountain bike tour out of Medellín will do the job. This 24 kilometer (15 mile – round-trip) ride provides breathtaking scenery of Antioquia’s green hills and colorful rural homes. 

This small town in Antioquia’s Southwest is named after the River Thames and has breathtaking views of the surrounding area. While exploring the area we may come across pre-Hispanic Indigenous relics such as a well preserved stone trail and rock petroglyphs. 

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You don't need to be an expert rider to enjoy this horse ride adventure tour.

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